Experimental Research Solutions

Industrial accidents relating to explosive gases, vapours and dusts can be catastrophic. It is therefore important every step is taken to ensure the safety of plant and personnel. Aber Shock and Detonation Research Limited (ASDRL) offer our clients the opportunity to research explosion related problems through rigorous experimentation. Only controlled experimentation can provide definitive proof of any potential explosion risk when considering unusual gases, vapours, dusts, pipeline configurations or flammability limits.
ASDRL can also test, assess and aid development of explosion mitigation methods and systems.
Experimental research programmes are tailored to meet your needs and budget.
A typical project will include:
  • Initial consultation
  • Programme design and quotation
  • Literature review
  • Experimental design including bespoke rig manufacture
  • Experimentation and reporting

Standard Experimental Services

ASDRL also offer standard experimental testing procedures which can be applied to yield immediate results. These standard test programmes generally resemble a truncated form of the more intensive research option. The standard experimental services are detailed below;
  • Explosion development monitoring
    ASDRL can offer state of the art pressure and flame front instrumentation for the monitoring of explosions within closed volumes. Multiple 12bit channels sampling at 10MHz allow for the identification all explosion events including deflagration, deflagration to detonation transition (DDT) and detonation.
  • Shock tube investigations
    The auto ignition delay times (ait) of gases and vaporised fuels can be assessed using shock tube experimentation. The static high pressure conditions created within a shock tube can be accurately managed and any combustion monitored in detail.

Industrial testing of combustion safety equipment

AberShock offer a test facility for combustion safety equipment and can provide assistance with product certification. Apart from our standard service we are able to offer clients relevant testing feedback in the form of development reports, this consultancy has enabled clients to develop new technologies quickly at minimal cost. All testing is conducted to ISO standards but any international standard could be accommodated

High speed photography

For unconfined events high speed photography can yield valuable information. This service has been applied to varied projects including device function evaluation and explosion development. If high speed photography is a service in which you are interested please contact us to discuss your requirements. This service is also available for on site hire.

Schlieren Photography

Schlieren techniques provide a powerful tool to image flame growth. Combining "traditional" methods with a high speed video allows extended observation time.
14% hydrogen A schlieren video showing flame growth in a 14% hydrogen air mixture from a spark ignition is available
More videos with different gases and concentrations will be added shortly.